From Jude Maul

I am currently attending an intensive eExtension writing group in Annapolis, MD.  We were each invited to submit at least one extension write-up on grain production.  I have started writing a short article “Introduction and Current Research in Perennial Wheat”.  If anyone has references, self-references (with a little blurb about the work you are citing), preliminary data and any-other information you would like to contribute.  If you contribute to writing or editing then you can be listed as an author.  The article will eventually be published on eXtension ( and can considered as an extension publication.  Please send me any information that may be useful for this write-up, to
Jude Maul
Research Ecologist
Sustainable Agriculture Systems Lab
Building 001, rm 140
Beltsville, Maryland 20770

Perennial Grains are Getting Bigger

Author: Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan
 February 2011
Affiliation: USDA Blog
Excerpt: “Recently three scientists from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service– Ed Buckler, James Holland, and Brent Hulke – joined colleagues from The Land Institute, several U.S. universities, Australia, and China on a paper in the prestigious journal Science summarizing the potential benefits of perennial grains to global food security and the environment and explaining how recent advances in crop breeding may speed progress toward this challenging goal.”

Perennial Wheatgrass at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

Author: Jude Maul
Affiliation: USDA-ARS – Sustainable Agriculture Systems Lab
Abstract: This presentation illustrates research conducted on perennial grasses in the Maryland area – specifically looking to answer if soybeans can be used as a mid-summer weed control and source of fertility (nitrogen) in fall for perennial grains.