Perennial Wheat: Updates from Italy

Laura Gazza

Researchers in Italy have been looking into qualitative traits of different perennial wheat lines, and have a recent publication in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. This research has been conducted by the Council for Research in Agriculture and Economics- Research Unit for Cereal Quality.

A field experiment in Central Italy has been set up to compare four perennial wheat genotypes (see below) to a common variety of Italian wheat to assess performance of above and below ground biomass and quantity and quality of grain productions.  


WSU= Washington State University, TLI= The Land Institute


Experimental fields at “Inviolatella” station (CREA-QCE) in March 2015


Experimental fields at “Inviolatella” station (CREA-QCE) in May 2015

The goal of these studies is to select perennial wheat genotypes with desirable agronomical, technological and nutritional traits in order to supply breeders with genotypes that possess commercially valid characteristics.