Who We Are

The growth of perennial grain in Michigan and in other states is a collaborative effort between universities (research and outreach), farmers, and community members. Support from all agricultural areas of the country where perennial wheat is a possibility will contribute to the progress and success of this crop. Thanks to our members for their contributions and support.

Members of this group include world-wide researchers and specialists, but are primarily composed of the following institutions:

This blog is a place for the Perennial Wheat Team to share resources with one other. Please share your research, academic, and educational materials with others in the field through the Perennial Wheat blog. Please email blog administrator Vicki Morrone, MSU Organic Outreach Specialist, with materials that you are willing to share on the blog. And please comment on others’ posts by clicking the green speech bubble next to each post.

You can view the entire perennial grains member directory here.

Perennial Wheat Field Days at Kellogg Biological Station