Perennial crops for food security proceedings of the FAO expert workshop

This 11-part perennial crop proceeding from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations discusses the technical and cultural state of perennial grains:

  1. Perennial crops: needs, perceptions, essentials
  2. Perennial rice: challenges and opportunities
  3. The progression of perennial rice breeding and genetics research in China
  4. Perennial wheat breeding: current germplasm and a way forward for breeding and global cooperation
  5. Evaluation of nine perennial wheat derivatives grown in Italy
  6. Current efforts to develop perennial wheat and domesticate Thinopyrum intermedium as a perennial grain
  7. Viewpoint: multiple-harvest sorghums toward improved food security
  8. Breeding and genetics of perennial maize: progress, opportunities and challenges
  9. Evaluating perennial candidates for domestication: lessons from wild sunflower relatives
  10. Domestication of Lepidium campestre as part of Mistra Biotech, a research programme focused on agro-biotechnology for sustainable food
  11. Agriculture redesign through perennial grains: case studies

It is available for download in PDF. Preview the first part here.