Michigan State University hosted Intermediate Wheat Grass Field Days

Note the size difference between intermediate wheat grass (left) and annual wheat (right) kernels. Breeders at The Land Institute are working to increase grain size and yield.

Hampshire Farms Jersey girls are enjoying their first day on the intermediate wheat grass pasture, Oct 30, 2017.

Simple butter cookies made from 2/3 intermediate wheat grass flour (Kernza) and 1/3 annual wheat flour. DELICIOUS noted by all who tasted! Displayed with the grains which they were made.

She is very content after a couple of hours grazing on the intermediate wheat grass pasture. Harvest of grain and straw was on Aug 30 and cows went to the pasture on Oct 30, 2017

Grazing the Intermediate wheat grass pasture at Kellogg Biological Station organic field in Hickory Corners Michigan. The steers were on the pasture for several days, catching the attention of passer-byers. Who let the cows out!! well that is where they belong- on pasture that is tasty! Bon Apetit Boys!

Poster IWG field dayweb    to see what info we share during the field days!


Two great field days were held at Hampshire Farms in Kingston MI and at Kellogg Biological Station of Michigan State University at Hickory Corners, on Oct 30 and Nov 3. The

event focused on multi uses of intermediate wheat grass for its pasture to feed the dairy cows, its grain for Kernza flour or making beer and then using the straw for bedding. Of course the environmental values are top-notch-keeping nitrogen near the roots rather than escaping through leaching into the ground-water. You can see from the photos on this site how long the roots grow! The length and mass of the roots account for the plants ability to hold nitrogen in place. Almost a silver bullet!

Poster IWG field dayweb


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